Intrusive Thoughts? Try a Gratitude Interruption!

I’m DEEP into lockdown now. Deep into uncertainty, insecurity and a pretty much non-existent income. And of course, I’m supported by a myriad of helpful, supportive and empowering thoughts… HAHAHA! If only. 

It’s totally natural and normal, I think, for anyone to see a spike in intrusive, unhelpful thoughts right now.

Normal, but no less irritating, uncomfortable, destructive and at times panic-inducing.

Anyway. A few weeks back, I caught a short Instagram clip from motivational YouTuber, Tom Bilyeu, where he suggested trying a gratitude interruption.

Basically, when you hear that negative self-talk, you interrupt by listing 5 things you’re grateful for right now, in your head or out-loud.

So I’ve been trying it – and it’s helping!

Days ago, I found myself nearing panic, fretting about this never-ending pandemic and the havoc it’s wreaking on my finances/business/exercise routines etc. and I paused and interrupted with gratitude, specific to this situation.

Turns out, I actually have things to be thankful for right now… like the fact mine and my family’s health is in tact; that I have enough of a financial safety net to avoid eviction; that I’ve used this time off to develop skills in video editing (something that I never saw myself doing, let alone enjoying); that I’ve rediscovered passion and purpose through writing; that at last, I’ve had time to slow down and spend time in real conversation with Mr. G, remembering that life matters more than work.

In fact, this time has been pretty priceless in that it’s allowed me to step back and look at my own life, to look at how I was spending my time, to decide on changes that I’ll make going forward into the ‘new normal.’

See? It helps!

For me, these negative thinking patterns are pretty solid. Hardwired. So they’ll undoubtedly come back…

But I’m planning on being ready to shift the focus to what I’m grateful for.

And we’ll see if that makes a difference.

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