And Repeat….”One Day at a Time”

Remember back in 2018, when I set myself a challenge to post every day? Ahhh… things were so much simpler then.

Had I know what was ahead, I might have postponed it a couple of years. Certainly it would have been less of a rush job to balance writing around errr…. life this last few months!

Oh well… Que sera, sera!

Today, and often lately, I find myself thinking back to what I wrote of day 85 of said project, when I talked about living ‘one day at a time.’

I mean. I ‘got’ this back then. That’s why I wrote it.

Thanks to the events of 2020 however, I’ve reached new heights of conceptual understanding.

As a self-employed wellbeing teacher, I really have no idea as to what my future will hold. I couldn’t even guess at whether I’ll be working come September or guess at what  2021 might look like for me. The uncertainty is palpable.

If I think about this for too long, palpable becomes panic.

Of course it does, because I’m trying to control something that I have absolutely no control over; to know that which I can’t possibly foresee.

When I remind myself of this, the thoughts/feelings/emotions become easier to cope with.

When I focus on the day ahead – or even the next hour, moment, choice or action – I feel like I have some measure of control.


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