Win the Moment!

Week 5 of quarantine here and I’m happy to report that things are looking up!

Inspired by professional fear-facer, Michelle Poler, into tackling a hundred day-long project… on Monday, I launched my YouTube series, ‘100 Days of Mindfulness with Miss Steer.

Having a means of making a positive contribution (without leaving the house) to the mental health of others, along with the creative outlet/learning process that this has allowed for, has me feeling much more like my pre-quarantine self.  A lot less lost.

And as I’m teaching children about the basics of mindfulness, a quote from I can’t remember who, keeps coming back to me…. again and again:

“Win the moment in front of you now.”

Right now, with so much uncertainty still remaining, with so much out of our control… taking things one day at a time may feel like too much.

Winning the moment that’s in front of you right now – though mindful breath/tone of voice/choice of thoughts/choice of action – is really all we have.


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