Predicting Doom? This might help.

In the last week, I’ve been worrying. A lot.

About rent/bills, health of loved ones, whether I’ll still have a business this time next year and what it might look like if I do.

In the uncomfortable moments, when I lose perspective and control, my predictions lie on a bed of impending doom. These moments are temporary, though they’re certainly unsettling.

Of course, I’ve learnt over the years that my thoughts/predictions can not be trusted – they’re mostly all melodramatic, black and white and assume the worst in people and situations. Knowing this is what allows me to come back and re-find reason I think.

Yesterday, I watched/read an Instagram post from Mel Robbins, prompting me to think about this whole situation from another angle.

What if this situation is preparing me for something that I don’t know about yet?

What if the path that was laid out, wasn’t actually the one that I needed to be on?

What if the things I do/learn/see/feel/struggle through over the coming months, will bring me closer to an unexpected place… but the place I need to be?

As I’ve pointed out numerous times, we’re not fortune tellers. We can not predict the future.

Therefore, it comes down to a choice – either you believe that this will break you, or build you.

I’m really going to work on moving to the latter.

I’ve shared Mel’s original post below and I highly recommend that you double click to watch the video/read the post.

View this post on Instagram

This is one of the most important videos I have ever made 🔥🔥🔥. If you’ve just experienced a loss or you feel disappointed about some aspect of your life, consider this: this moment is preparing you for something amazing that’s coming that you can’t see right now. Whether it’s a failed relationship, getting fired from a job, or in my case, losing my daytime television show the @melrobbinsshow, whatever it may be that ended in your life– it ended because IT WAS SUPPOSED TO END. If you stayed at that job or in that relationship, you wouldn’t grow the way you are supposed to grow right now. You must trust that something better is in store for you, and it is coming. You just can’t see it yet. I look at the situation we are all in globally right now– and I choose to believe that the future holds something amazing that we can’t see. I choose to believe that inside this moment there will be an experience, a skill, a perspective shift or a person that comes into your life. I believe this moment is preparing you for what’s coming next. You just can't see it yet.

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