Happy December!

I’d be remiss, I think, if I didn’t use today’s blog to wish you a happy December – perhaps, the most special of months.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there’s just a lovely feeling about at this time of year; a feeling of magic, mystery, meaning and memories.

There was a point a few years back, when I didn’t feel this way. Turned off by the overindulgence, the spending, the entitlement of it all, the season seemingly lost its shine. It all started to feel rather hollow and forced.

And then I switched from an incredibly stressful job to a moderately stressful one, and instantly found a better, happier quality of life.

I upped my mindfulness and gratitude practice, and I discovered hygge – the Danish concept of ‘cosiness’ that goes hand-in-hand with wintery creature comforts.  The later, in particular, made a huge difference to my appreciation of December.

I choose now, to ignore the grotesque commercialism of it all, and to appreciate instead the beautiful little moments – the get-togethers with friends, the lighting of candles, the warmth that a scarf provides, and of course, the mulled wine!

Just as with anything else, this month is what you make of it – it all depends on your mindset.

Indeed, December weather may be more than a little chilly, but the potential for ‘warmth’ is everywhere!

I invite you to find it.

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