Finish Strong this Decade!

29 days left.

I know it doesn’t matter.

I know it means absolutely nothing.

I know that technically a day is no more or less important, whether it’s New Years Day or a random Thursday in June.

But there’s something about the countdown towards one year ending and another beginning that I find alluring. And somewhat motivating.

This year, it’s even better. Because this December isn’t just the last of the year… it’s the last of the decade.

That’s right, folks! Before you know it, we’ll be racing through the 2020s.

But before we do, ask yourself: how do I want to finish the 2010s?

This time of year can feel a little like the end of a workout. Yes, you’re still technically squatting… but it’s more of a slight dip in motion than an actual, dedicated movement.

It isn’t until Jillian Michael’s barks at me to ‘finish strong’ that I push myself to put more effort in – effort that often I didn’t know I had.

So maybe as we plod towards the end of the year, we can motivate ourselves to ‘finish strong.’

Maybe we could cast aside everything behind us and in front.

And make this the month that makes us.

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