Challenge limiting thoughts

When the weather in my mind becomes dark and cloudy, and your thoughts turn to self-doubt or self-sabotage, do you challenge these thoughts, images and beliefs?

Because doing so is a great way to break through the clouds.

Let’s say I’m at Jiu Jitsu, and Leap Frogs are part of the warm-up agenda for tonights’ class. So instantly, my brain is like, “Ahhhh shit. I can’t do Leap Frogs! I’m too short. I’ll fall on someone! I can’t do it!” It’s a pre-programmed response that I’ve practised since being a kid, who also told herself she couldn’t leapfrog.

So – let’s challenge this: 

Is it really true? Errr….. I’m not really sure. I’ve always told myself I can’t do it, before I’ve done it. It’s definitely not something I find easy, but I think that’s myself I’m picturing myself leaping into disaster and repeatedly telling myself I can’t. Actually, there’s no evidence that I couldn’t do this.

What is it like to believe that? Dis-empowering.

What is the affect of this belief? That I either don’t try, or that I do but am much more likely to mess up, because this voice in my head is telling me I’m destined to fail.

What would my life be like, if I didn’t believe that? Freeing. I’d to free to try, and fail, and get back up again and try again.

Cool right?! And it really works.

Because, simply put – thoughts lie sometimes.

P.S. I can leapfrog after all!


  1. I read that back in the day, when humans confronted life-threatening danger every day, it was more important for the brain to respond to negative stimuli than positive. If an animal charges you, you needed to fight or run, and need to make that decision in a split second. But if you received a gift or a hug, you didn’t need to react as quickly, so the brain is like Velcro for negative experiences, but Teflon for positive ones.

    A positive experience has to be held in our awareness for at least 12 seconds before you act on it … count!

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    1. I love the 12 second rule – I’m working on lots of positive visualisation and re-living positive experiences for a minute or so daily. It’s proving to be pretty effective, and I guess this is why?! We have to learn to velcro the good stuff! 😁

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