Play: Not just for Grownups!

By now, most of us know that ‘Play’ is essential for childrens’ mental, physical, emotional and social growth. But did you know, that according to the research, it’s equally important for adults too?!

Indeed. As it turns out, time spent engaged in purposeless, enjoyable pursuits – simply because they are enjoyable – is as crucial as breathing.

It’s how we develop our problem-solving skills, our creativity, our social skills and importantly, our ability to cope with stress.

It isn’t immature or silly or a frivolous luxury that your lifestyle simply won’t accommodate. It’s a MUST.

And when it isn’t? When it’s a might, or maybe, probably or not possibly…? Late play theorist Brian Sutton-Smith answered it best: “The opposite of play is not work. It is depression.”

If you don’t make any time for Play – you’re going to find it hard to be happy.

Unsure where to begin? Start here:

I’ll leave you with a strategy from Dr. Stuart Brown. He suggests tracing your life as far back as you can, to the most clear, joyful and playful image of yourself that you can remember.

Picture it now: What were you doing? What were you feeling? What was it about this activity that you enjoyed so much?

Now look at your life as it is today, and ask: what do you do today that recreates similar emotions? Anything? Something? Nothing? 

Essentially, you’re working out how you individually like to play; what your unique version of playtime is. That’s the easy part. The hard part is working out how you can include more of whatever this is in your working week.

Hard, but worth it.

Afterall, what is life without the fun parts? Pretty crap I’d say.


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