Happy 2018 – Day 363 – Too much of a good thing…

This week, in between Christmas and New Year, is a funny one. Dressed in my latest Christmas Onesie and fuelled a diet of Turkey and Stuffing Crisps, I wander about the house in a bit of a daze, not really knowing what day or time it is.

Part of me loves this – because it’s just not something that my German work-ethic would generally allow. And probably again, down to the whole ‘live to work’ thing… I’m always ready for it to be over.

As much as I love Christmas… it only takes a few days of over-indulgence and social outings, before I reminded:

You really can have too much of a good thing.

When I was a kid, I lived out the lyrics to Wizzards’, “i wish it could be Christmas Everyday”. I never wanted it to end. Now, though, I realise that like anything, scarcity is what makes something more desirable, and more special when you have it.

Realistically, if I lived out Christmas every day, I’d undoubtedly be crying into my Christmas Cracker by the end of the first week.

And if I awoke each day, feeling on top of the world, then those really great days would feel pretty mediocre.

Life isn’t meant to be straightforward.

In fact, the ups and downs are what make it interesting.

And the really great moments come rarely for a reason. If they were common, they wouldn’t feel half as good, or mean anywhere near as much.

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