Happy 2018 – 355 – Saying ‘Yes’ and taking chances

The Harry Potter books series.

Marmite Chocolate.

Occasionally irritating/negative friends.

ย ‘The Witcher’ PS4 game and PS4 games in general.

Bouldering and indoor wall climbing.

Steve Carell

‘The Wire’

These are just a few of the things that I had absolutely no interest in being part of in any way; assuming without any prior knowledge or experience that I wouldn’t like them…

Until at some point, I found very much taking part in the aforementioned activities, and absolutely loving them.

Not simply liking it – LOVING it.

What I wouldn’t give to sit down to a Marmite Chocolate ‘Wire’ marathon with Steve Carell by my side, perhaps followed by a bouldering session and a rendition of ‘The Goblet of Fire’.

And let that be a lesson.

A lesson in not judging things (and people) that we have little to no experience of; of not allowing the opinions of others to cloud our own judgement;ย of being open-minded to different cultures, music, food, traditions, mindsets and experiences, even when your first instinct is to run for the hills.

It’s perfectly fine to take against something – but at least try it first.

Not doing so just seems to be seriously lacking in common sense.

And you risk missing out on some things, people, places and experiences that you might have actually been crazy about…

if only you’d been willing to give them a chance.


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