Happy 2018 – Day 308 – Don’t be afraid to turn things upside down!

A few days ago, I went to an Ariel Yoga class. It was pretty tough as yoga goes, but also incredibly liberating and fun. At certain points, I was basically flying. It made me feel incredibly care-free and child-like. All of my worries, plans and thoughts in general just floated away.

It brought me back to a George Bernard Shaw quote that I shared a few weeks back:

“We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!”

Here’s a pic of me, playing:


There’s something pretty special about being upside down. And even more so when you turn to see your friends, also upside down. I imagine it was a little like the feeling of being in space. Everything felt much lighter, funnier, brighter. Though maybe it was just the rush of blood to my head.

When I talk about change and making improvements, I’m usually one for small, safe steps and gradual, achievable change.

But doing this, I was reminded that sometimes it’s perfectly fine to turn yourself, your perspective, your life, completely upside down…

in order to see things in a completely different way;

in order to see things as they really are or were, all along.

And in that spirit, I’ll leave you with a quote from author and dance choreographer, Twyla Tharp:

“In dreams, anything can be anything, and everybody can do. We can fly, we can turn upside down, we can transform into anything.”

Perhaps, if we can find ways to turn upside down, to fly, when we’re awake…. then we don’t have to wait for sleep to make anything happen.

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