Happy 2018 – Day 309 – Be a Tourist in your local area

One of the key concepts that I’ve taken from my mindfulness practice over the last few years, is the idea that you actively create a mindset of child-like curiosity.

And there are no barriers to this.

Because curiosity isn’t affected by wealth, or lack of it; by where you live; by what you do; by the situation and circumstances around you.

You can always choose to be curious.

One way to practice this is by becoming a tourist, in your own local area.

This happened to me a few days ago, entirely by accident, when my route home displayed a ‘road closed’ sign and so, without my phone to hand, I had a simply choose a direction to drive in and hope to make my way home.

It was all rather exciting – a mini-adventure, if you will – a little uncertainty mixed into what had been a certain and predictable journey home. It was a chance to observe places around me; places that I’ve lived so close to for all these years, without ever exploring.

Aside from encouraging you to ‘get lost,’ let me simply suggest that you to take some time in the coming weeks to explore your local village, town or even house, as if you’re a visitor. Take on that same attitude that you would have, if visiting a holiday destination or enjoying a city-break.

Forget what you have seen before, and see it again, for the first time.

Not only will this give you a new appreciation for those surroundings that you take for granted, but it will very likely make your day a lot more interesting too.

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