Happy 2018 – Day 304 – Keep your Scares Simple!

Well… I couldn’t just let Halloween pass me by, without mentioning something within the realms of fear and despair. So here it is, this absolute classic, from Eleanor Roosevelt:

“Do one thing every day that scares you”.

I’d be shocked if you’d never heard this before, but even more so if this was advice you’d actually managed to follow. If you’re anything like me, you start out with the best of intentions, but come on – who has the time to create 365 terrifying situations each year?!

The thing is, that actually this is achievable and extremely beneficial, if we only scale down what we think of as ‘scary’.

For me, one of life’s natural worriers, ‘scary’ options are available to me everywhere, every day! A conversation with a stranger; filing up at a different petrol station; a drive to a new place; a chance encounter with an old acquaintance; saying ‘yes’ to X, Y and Z…

kick ass

It’s a definite perk of anxiety disorder that no matter how high-functioning you are, or how at peace with your condition, there are still ample opportunities around you each day to feel that slight fear and discomfort in your stomach; ample opportunities to face your fears; ample opportunities to kick ass, even when your legs are shaking.


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