Happy 2018 – Day 271 – The Power of Intention

Personally, I believe that a morning routine is just as important as a hearty breakfast – it sets you up for the day.

One key part of a morning routine is having an intention; a road-map of where you’d like to go that day.

Can you set an intention for today? 

Maybe you’d like to spend a few more moments mindfully, in the present moment. Or be a little kinder to others. Or be a little kinder to yourself. Or even just notice where it is that your mind is going, from the viewpoint of an objective bystander of your thoughts.

Whatever your intention is, the most important thing is that you set one.

You’ll very likely forget all about it once the busy day is underway… but the more you practice setting one, the more you’ll remember.

At the end of the day, reflect on your intention. Consider how your words, actions and thoughts today have aligned or misaligned with this intention? What did you do? How did it make you feel? How did your behaviour make others feel? What could you do to improve tomorrow? 

Without an intention, you’ll still get somewhere each day. But with one, you’ll be travelling First Class rather than in Coach.


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