Happy 2018 – Day 249 – 2 Quotes to inspire ‘Attack!’

Yesterday, I wrote about how a pro-active approach to your fears, hopes and dreams, might be much less exhausting and confidence-inspiring than a reactive, defence-only approach.

You know I’m never satisfied though until I’ve hammered it home with a quote, and today you’re extra lucky because I’m giving you two!

I remember reading this first quote about 15 years ago in an online blog (before they were really even a thing.)

“Attack life. It’s going to kill you anyways.”

I found strength in these words throughout my battles with Social Anxiety, especially when I embarked on a new path as a teacher and moved permanently into the ‘Panic Zone.’ These words reminded me that if I’d done something nerve-wracking – if I’d attacked life – then I deserved to be proud of myself, no matter how I’d actually performed.

The second quote is an old proverb that’s always stuck with me:

“Hard training, easy combat; easy training, hard combat.”

These are words that I turn to, when I’m feeling overworked with my business, when I’m tempted to avoid something because I’m afraid or when the training for whatever exercise I’m doing just feels overwhelming…impossible even. It’s just a reminder to think ahead to your end goal – to the person you actually want to be; to put the hard work in now, so that whatever skills you’re practising now come to you effortlessly when you really need them.


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