Happy 2018 – Day 195 – Go with the Flow

“Go with the Flow” is a commonly used idiom in today’s world.

But what does it actually mean? What does this look like in real life?

On the surface level, it relates to an easy-going attitude. A sense of laid-back ease, even when things maybe don’t go your way; knocking up some tasty Lemonade when life hands you a set of lemons.

But I think we can go deeper than this.

I actually thought about this as I was swimming. It was super busy at the pool so I was forced into some meditation lengths to avoid #SwimRage.  So I was swimming along, listening to the water, feeling it around me and I really focused on my hands in the water. I felt the power of the water as I pushed it away with my stroke.

As time went on and people began to leave, I managed to speed up. And what I really came to realise was that when I told myself I’d have a really fast length, I was unconsciously tensing my body in an attempt to be ‘strong’ and ‘powerful.’ While I was pretty fast in these lengths, it was really tiring. It felt like I was battling against the water.

Having noticed this, I forced myself then to loosen up. I attempted to glide through the water with speed, while remaining relaxed. It was a gorgeous experience. I felt strong, fast and powerful. But I also felt that I was working with the water, not against.


To me, this is what ‘go with the flow’ really means.

It’s about knowing that there are things in life that are completely outside of your control; things that are just stronger than you. In situations like this, you just have to relax and accept whatever is happening and work with what you have. This isn’t about giving up or being a doormat.

It’s about carrying on, even when life forces you to change direction.

It’s about not wasting your energy, fighting something that you can’t possibly defeat, control or change.

It’s the realisation that if you work with a problem, rather than against it, you might eventually feel like where you were heading all along.


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