Forgive the First Slip, Focus on Not Making the Next…

I’m over thirty days into my six-month challenge now, whereby I’m basically striving to implement healthier habits… and honestly I’m pretty happy with how it’s going. I’ve been meditating and exercising a lot, stayed off the booze and generally been eating pretty well.

That’s not to say that I’ve been perfect though. I haven’t. I’ve definitely had slips – slips that have historically triggered that ‘all or nothing’ response, and caused me to completely self-sabotage. And well… it’s never gotten me anywhere but square one.

So, having succumb yesterday to a boredom-induced sugar-binge only yesterday, my new strategy is to let it go and forgive myself. Better that, than I hold yesterday against myself and use it as a reason to further sabotage my health and self-care.

Yesterday happened. I’m only human. I messed up, and I probably will again.

But today is another day. And I can make better choices today. I can regain my positive momentum, making yesterday’s mistakes the exception to the rule, rather than the pattern.


  1. Self acceptance is the biggest secret when it comes to self improvement. Of course that means not judging ourselves when we make a mistake. Well done for doing exactly that. Keep going! 💪🙏

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