Questions to Support Quarantine

Week 3 of quarantine here and though I am certainly up and down mood-wise, a combination of exercise, mindfulness, creative projects and the infinite patience of Mr. G are keeping me sane. I think, anyway.

I’m spending quite a bit of time thinking about the kind of questions that I can ask myself during this whole koo koo bananas situation.

I’ve learned over the years that these questions are often far more important than the answers. All too often, we’re unhappy with answers that we hear – we blame ourselves, others of the situation – when really we just asked a really unhelpful question to which there is no good answer. i.e. what if this really is the apocalypse and we’re all doomed?

Here’s three better questions that I’m asking myself throughout this trying time: 

  1. What can I enjoy and appreciate today, the present moment? A taste, smell, moment of laughter with a loved one… these things are priceless. The ‘Beautiful Ordinary’ is everything right now.
  2. Who might be in need of support and connection today and how can I offer it? A video chat can go a long way. Plus, focusing on helping others is often a surefire way of helping yourself too.
  3. What three things can I be grateful for right now? A warm home, physical safety, loving friends, amusing pets, your remaining toilet rolls? Whatever it is, train yourself to focus on what you have, not what you don’t.

    And a bonus question, for those of us that are fortunate enough to be safe, well and free to pursue self-improvement: 

  4. How can I grow through this? How can I come out of this better off than I went in? Maybe there’s a skill or project that you’ve been putting off forever. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if amidst all the horror of 2020, you also managed to learn a new language, write that book you’ve been talking about or finally decorate the house? I think so.

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