Escape Quarantine via Guided Meditation: More Free Stuff!

It’s the second week of Coronavirus isolation here and I’ll admit the positivity I brought to the first week has dropped off a little. Tempers have flared. Bottom lips have been stuck out. This laptop in fact, was very nearly catapulted out of the nearest window after outright refusing to do what I was asking of it.

Luckily for me – and you – it’s not all bad. And just as last Sunday, I was able to share Jo Emerson’s fantastic course, made free to anyone struggling amidst the pandemic, and today, I have MORE incredible free stuff to share.

This time, it’s from my favourite makers of guided meditation, Meditainment.

Throughout the global crisis, they’re offering their entire library of meditations for free.

Honestly folks, these are my go-to for guided meditation and have been for a good while now.

There’s different visualisations for different needs. Some meditations promote sleep. Some help you to self-reflect. Some evoke confidence.

And they ALL provide a means of escaping quarantine and isolation, without actually going anywhere.

That’s priceless, right now. Though again, it’s free!

Go to and see for yourself. x x x


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