Losing Weight? Ditch the Scales!

My journey into healthy eating has always had its ups and downs; it’s very much a journey, not a destination.

But the ‘down’ moments definitely have one thing in common – they’ve all been times when my diet has revolved around the number on the scales.

“I’ll be happy when I’m at ….. “

Realising the error of my ways in later years, my focus has moved away from these numbers or my supposedly healthy BMI – even at my absolute fittest/slimmest/healthiest I can barely sneak into the healthy range. In fact, when I have hit the number that I’ve been striving towards, I haven’t felt happy… but rather hungry. And pissed off.

These kind of scale-obsessed diets always seem to end in one way: catastrophic self-sabotage.

And what does this number on the scales even matter?

“If I asked you how much Usain Bolt – the fastest man on Earth – weighed, what would you say?” This is a question posed by Allen Carr, in his fantastic book, ‘Good Sugar, Bad Sugar.’

It’s 94kg, according to Google, something that most people get completely wrong. But the point is that it really doesn’t matter how much he weighs – you only have to look at the guy to see he’s super fit and healthy.

The truth is that we’re no different. We know if we’ve been eating junk and not exercising; we’ll know it in our mood, energy levels, self-esteem, how our clothes fit… and we don’t need a number on the scales to confirm this.

So really, if you’re trying to maintain or lose weight, my advice is to ditch the scales. Measure success not by the numbers dropping, but by the rising happiness, comfort, confidence and energy inside.


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