I don’t sing because I am happy…

“I don’t sing because I am happy, I am happy because I sing,” said William James.

Now, of course, I’m much more likely to be gently humming at my laptop (or butchering┬ábusting out the tunez at the top of my lungs) if I’m already in a good mood.

But I also know, that if I’m self-aware enough to spot that I’m indeed in a rather shitty mood, then singing a song might just lift my spirits, and my body language.

It all comes back to that mind-body connection. Your body language/facial expression/words/tone/actions are intrinsically linked with whatever is going on in your mind…. but as research increasingly shows, if you change your body language/facial expression/words/tone/actions then that can change whatever is happening in your mind.

You can indeed trick yourself into a better mood.

Or sing yourself into one.

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