Self-Acceptance is the Antidote to Caring What Others Think

When you’re a people-pleaser, anxiety about what others think is often a daily habit. At least, it certainly has been for me.

Even when I’m trying my best NOT to think about what other people think – not to care – my focus is on them.

What I’m coming to realise, though, is that the more I focus on cultivating happiness myself; the more I practise gratitude and consciously take note of all the good in me and around me; the less I care about whether others like what I’m doing or not.

And I say that in the sense that it’s a deeply embedded genuine feeling, rather than someone just saying, “I don’t give a crap what you think,” and perhaps protesting a little too much.

I’m not saying that my skin won’t appear a little thin sometimes, the world being as it is – especially the online world – people can be needlessly cruel and uncaring. But I’m finding more and more that because I like who I am (or who I’m becoming) and what I do, that I worry a lot less¬†about others opinions, voiced or unvoiced.¬†

And I’ve got to say it’s a lovely, new feeling; an inner-harmony that I’ll do anything to maintain.

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