Happy 2018 – Day 59 – What is success to you?

Today’s blog marks 2 months of daily writing. It’s been an absolute pleasure, but it’s been tough too. I’ve launched a business, battled on the Jiu Jitsu mats 4 nights a week, gone ‘Keto’ with Mr. G, started running again, arranged/participated in numerous social events with family and friends, and squeezed out time for ironing. The fact that I’ve found time to devote time to something that I personally find so enjoyable; something that has allowed me to help myself, while hopefully helping others too; is definitely what I consider to be a great success.

In the last year, I’ve thought a lot about success and what that word actually means. So often, the version of success promoted by the media seems to be that success is based on wealth and fame, or notoriety in many cases.

Our vision of success can change over time, and it’s personal to each one of us. I know that when I left my secure job in July last year, with just a flimsy idea about maybe starting a business, many people around me were incredibly concerned. To these particular people, success meant financial security, so my leaving a job (without another one to go!) was out of their realms of understanding.

Luckily, this didn’t matter, because in my version of success, security is low on the list. To me, success means adventure, bravery, passion, creativity, experiences, making things better and most importantly, freedom. My version of success goes hand-in-hand with happiness.

Inevitably, you will come across people in your life who judge your choices. I certainly have. This only matters though, if you allow it to. If you really know what you’re about, and what success really means to you, then you might find that those awkward conversations become a lot easier.

Today, I ask my readers just to spend a minute writing one word or sentence, to explain what success means to them. Thank you! 


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