Happy 2018 – Day 39 – A quote to inspire strength and power


I first saw a version of this quote a few months ago, and it spoke to me.

It spoke to me in a voice that came from deep inside of me. Only it didn’t sound quite like me.

It was my voice, but louder and clearer, more self-assured.

A voice that was fearless and brave.

A better version of me, just lurking beneath the surface, waiting for the opportune moment to show itself; waiting for someone to say, “You can’t” in order that I might find my, “I can.”

“I am the storm.”

I’ve taken a lot of care over the last decade to cultivate a ‘go with the flow’ attitude, refusing to let things bother me that are outside of my control. For the most part, the ocean in my mind has become much calmer.

But every now and then, we’re faced with situations, people, challenges and problems in life that we just can’t ignore. In times like these, when I’m on the verge of feeling hopeless and defeated, when I’m ready to give up, this quote reminds me that I have more fight in me.

The things that we say to ourselves – the words that only we hear – can be incredibly powerful. Often, these words are the only thing that stands in the way of either success or failure. They can propel you over your goals, or send you hurtling into the mud.

When faced with one of life’s storms, harness the power of your internal dialogue and listen to that James Earl Jones-esque inner you, reminding you that no matter how tough a situation might seem, you are tougher. 

You are the storm.

And they haven’t seen anything yet.


What’s your favourite quote to inspire strength and bravery? Thoughts welcome:


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