Happy 2018 – Day 29 – A quote to inspire reflection and re-focusing

What you practise, you become.

I’ve no idea who is responsible for this quote, but it’s everything to me. As someone who thrives on goals and growth and progress, I’ve always looked to the person I want to be; the life I want to create for myself.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t always translated into action.

When I read this quote, I’m reminded that no matter what my dreams and goals are, if my actions are of someone plodding along a straight path, then I’m not going to reach great heights.

Stop yourself now and ask: what am I practising? Who am I becoming?

Are you taking small steps each day to push yourself out of your comfort zone? Are you becoming braver? Are you doing things every day that make you feel happier, stronger, kinder? Are you becoming a better version of yourself?

Or are you practising avoiding situations that make you anxious? Focusing on negative thoughts and beliefs? Are you becoming more anxious, or just staying the same?


Reflecting honestly on this will allow you to take pride in the fact that your daily practise is in line with where you want to end up, and therefore you’ll be much more likely to reach your goals. Where your daily actions aren’t in line with who you want to be, use this as your opportunity to work out what you could do differently, so that you can begin the gradual climb upwards.

Do you check in with your daily practise and actions? Are you in line with your end goals? Comments welcome:


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