You Don’t Have to Believe in Yourself…

I’ve been musing for some time now over the notion that action breeds motivation, rather than the other way around;

that a person looking to feel focused/considerate/purposeful/confident/whatever might have a much better chance of feeling that way, by taking action as if they already do.

If I want to feel focused and motivated to write, I know through habit that I can create this feeling by sitting in my office and just starting.

I also know that if I lay on the couch, bemoaning the fact that I don’t feel motivated/focused, wondering what on earth I can do, there’s a much lesser chance of me being productive.

But does it go any deeper than a feeling? Can the way we act change our deepest beliefs?

Last week, I heard this from Mel Robbins:

“You don’t have to believe in yourself.

You just have to take action as if you do.”

And what I’m left thinking is that it can. It can alter our deepest beliefs.

Over time, if you take daily action in a way that is bold and courageous, you’ll eventually feel like a courageous person – no matter how much of a wimp you started off as.

I’m also struck by the knowledge that it doesn’t really matter; that whilst it might feel easier to reach the dizzy heights of success if I truly believe that I deserve to, if I’m comfortable that I belong there…

I might also become wildly successful, whilst feeling like an impostor.

The action is what matters.




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