A Troubling but Powerful Quote

I can’t believe that we’re heading into October. I swear that the years accelerate with every year I grow older. They never used to be this short when I was young; when a simple summer would seem to last forever.

The break-neck speed of time nowadays reminds me of a simple but powerful quote from Buddha:

“The trouble is, you think you have time.”

We put off family time, acts of self-care and the ‘life’ in our life, because we’ve just got too much shit to do…

and it’s all built on the assumption that we’ll get to that other stuff later; that we’ll have time.

But what if we didn’t?

What if we don’t? 

The words of dying people tell the story of time lost and wasted; time that would have been spent differently had they had known that time wasn’t infinite.

So if you’re tempted to put off life, in favour of work, or the trivial in general, remember Buddha’s words here.

Remember, that we might actually not have as much time as we thought.

Best to use it on the things (and people) that really matter.

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