How can I get more Discomfort in my Life?

It’s a strange question, I know. And not one that many of us ask.

In fact, we ask the opposite: how can I become more comfortable?

But discomfort is a far greater teacher than comfort, and with it comes more skill, pride, courage and confidence.

When I was younger, I’d look enviously at the children of celebrities who just seemed to have everything so easy. I’d wish for a lottery win, so that I could have it all without trying too hard. Nowadays, I look at the lives that I thought to be so rich and they seem altogether empty.

Worse still – and I’m generalising here – adults who’ve grown up as children getting everything they want, whenever they wanted it, usually aren’t very nice, very capable, very smart or very strong.

They’ve never been uncomfortable enough to see if they could do something that their mind told them they couldn’t; if they could survive without someone else’s help; if they could learn and master the impossible with effort. Whilst their insta-lives might look fabulous, for me, living in that state of learned helplessness just doesn’t appeal.

Contrarily, some of the most inspiring, incredible people have only become so, because of their struggle against adversity. Because of the discomfort that they were willing to face.

There’s always time for comfort.

But if you actively seek discomfort in your life, rather than running from it, or fighting it, then you’ll likely enjoy it a great deal more… and find out things about yourself that you’d have never known had you remained comfortable.


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