A Mindful Walk

‘I’m 35 years old. How have I never felt my hips when I walk?’ this was one of many thoughts that I experienced, as I walked the 10 minute journey to my friends’ house.

It’s not a particularly nice place to walk as it’s right along the busy main road. And this has the knock-on-effect of waking up the old ‘Social Anxiety Gremlin’, as I wonder what I look like to people in the cars. 

But ‘sod that!’ I thought, setting aside self-consciousness.

I’d made a conscious decision, after a morning of working at the laptop, to use this little walk as a mindful meditation; to be present in my body, rather than in my head or phone.

And it worked a treat!

I felt the sun on my face, specifically my forehead and hands. I noticed the movement of my hips, the heel of my foot as it hit the floor first, the sway of my arms and the cool breeze that glided through my fingers. I noticed the noises of traffic, aware that the sound of passing cars was like the crashing of waves. In fact, as I smelt my own coconut-scented factor 50 lotion, I noted that I could quite trick my mind into believing that I was in Greece, or Rome.

Allow me some artistic license here folks, I’m CLEARLY in need of a beach holiday but unable to afford one…so I’ve gotta get my kicks somehow!

This is why I love mindfulness.

Because in those moments where you actually choose to use it, it’s everything.

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