A Mindful Bath, for Once!

I wrote a few days ago about my ongoing battle with screen addiction.

Well…. one side effect of this, is that I haven’t had a bath in years.

At least, not one that I actually paid attention to, screen-free. (Please don’t judge me – I’m a clean person I swear).

When I do enjoy a mindless bath, it’s pretty much always on an evening. Until a few days ago, when I had some time to spare post-run and pre-school in the morning, and as I was aching… I figured, why not?

My phone was propped up and ready to display whatever YouTube video I could watch – but as I got in, I noticed how lovely the blanket of water felt around me; how much toes and heels pressed against the bottom of the tub; how the scent of lavender bath oil wafted upwards, mixed with heat and steam; the sound of the ‘waves’ splashing as I turned… and you know, I completely forgot to distract myself with my phone.

For once, I was completely immersed in water, physically, mentally, emotionally and dare I say… spiritually?

It was the best bath I’ve had in years – a place of peace and quiet contentment – a meditation in which you also get squeaky clean.

And I can’t wait to try this out with a bath bomb!

It’s the little things remember. At least, it is if you pay attention to them…

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