Stop Talking about Doing it – Just do it!

Now… I love to plan.

When I sit down on a Sunday morning to plan out all the ways in which I will make my body, brain and life better over the next week/month/year, my heart sings.

I’m a teacher, remember, so I take it to a whole other level. I have spreadsheets and action plans which layout the whys, hows, whats and whens of my life goals, covering the different areas of my life.

Yes – there’s a place for this.

But, as they say, and have to constantly remind myself, talk is cheap.

It’s easy to wax lyrical about how you’re going to lose weight, write a novel and successfully pronounce your way through ‘Time to Say Goodbye’.

It’s much harder to actually do these things.

So maybe on occasion, the time it takes to plan out the screen-play I want to write, would be better spent…errr… I dunno…writing the screen-play.

Maybe, Nike have it right. Sometimes the message is as simple as: “Just do it!”


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