Be More Tree!

I’ve always liked the Tree Pose, even back when I’d first started yoga and my apparent lack of balance had me wobbling and falling all over the place.

It’s a pose that I find incredibly calming and soothing, but I also find that it inspires confidence and self-acceptance.

yoga silouetteWhen I hold the tree pose, I picture a majestic old, oak tree, tall and strong, ready to withstand the changing of the seasons and whatever hardships the weather might bring. If I start to wobble, I picture roots emerging from my feet into the floor below. I also practice Drishti, focusing on a spot in the distance and keep it there.

You know I live for metaphors… and I just can’t get enough of the symbolism here.

It’s such a good life lesson to know that no matter what life brings, if you stay rooted to who you truly are, and keep your eyes on the important stuff – your purpose – then you’ll be able to stand firm, no matter what.

You’ll maintain balance.

And those your leaves may fall or change colour, at your core, you’ll remain unchanged.


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