What Counts as a ‘Full’ Day?

If you’d asked me a few years back, what constitutes a ‘full’ day, I would have likely referred to a day, literally ‘full’ of errands, tasks and deeds accomplished; a day after which I might hold my head up high and congratulate myself on being productive, useful and efficient.

A ‘full’ day, to me, essentially meant filled to capacity in the same way that a jug might be filled with liquid, to the point where anything extra will spill out. It meant a day so busy, that there just wasn’t the time or energy left for any extra activities.

If you asked me this same question today though, my answer would be very different.

Because today, I feel like a ‘full’ day might be a day in which I do, accomplish or achieve very little. It’s much more about the quality of my interactions; the amount of time spent in the present; the way that I strive to meet my own intentions and provide service to others throughout.

Rather than imagining a vessel, filled to the point of overflow; now, the term ‘full’ brings about the feelings of satisfaction and enjoyment that one might feel after eating a good meal. 

Quality, not quantity. The focus isn’t on stuffing yourself silly, until you’re ready to nap or throw up. It’s about actually enjoying and savouring your food, after which you can just revel in the memories of that delicious meal.

Ironically, in the days when my diary was always chock-full of ‘to do’, I felt empty inside.

Yet, when I shifted my focus from being busy to being present, I found myself significantly less busy, but a whole lot more ‘full’.

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