Finding a Lane

I can’t remember where I heard this, but I’ve been musing about this phrase: “find a lane,” which basically relates to choosing the direction that you want to go in, both personally and professionally.

Side-note: whoever said this had never experienced the lane-less turmoil of Pontefract Swimming baths, where the only rules are: there are no rules.

Sounds simple, right? I’m not sure it is though.

I think I’ve spent a lot of my life swimming in the wrong lane, and even the wrong direction at the time. Then again, it wasn’t wrong at the time – and if I hadn’t have dipped my toe into that lane, I’d never have known it wasn’t right for me.

Sometimes, I stuck in the wrong lane, even though I knew it felt wrong, just because I could keep up and even best the swimmers around me. Changing lanes is difficult, when you’re doing okay in the one you’re in, even when you feel unfulfilled/unhappy. Even moreso when you feel uncertain about the lane you’re going to: will I be able to keep up? Will I be out of my depth? What if I flounder and drown?¬†(Yaasssss, I’m getting SO MUCH out of this swimming analogy!)

These days, I feel like I’ve found my lane. At least for now.

And let me tell you, it feels pretty great; to do something that you’re passionate about – something that you can’t not do. To do something that you’re willing to work for; that inspires, motivates and fulfills you; something that allows you to give the best of yourself and to serve others…. it’s worth all that time swimming the wrong way.

My point is: finding a lane isn’t always simple. Sometimes, it’s bloody hard work. But it really is worth it.

You just gotta keep swimming.

And really listen to your body as you do.

It’s not about where the water takes you; it’s about where you take you.

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