Happy 2018 – Day 330 – If you’re not afraid, you don’t get to be brave!

I’ve been back in Amsterdam this week on a ladies Jiu Jitsu camp and I’m reminded of this graffiti that I snapped here, under a motorway bridge.

It says it all: “Be Brave!”


You’ve got to love the Dutch. If this was in Castleford, it’d say, “Dylan Woz ‘Ere,” or, “Karren is an ugly bint!” Only in Amsterdam do you find life advice sprayed on underground walls.

This is what it’s all about though, being brave.

And the thing that I’m acknowledging more and more is that you don’t get to be brave unless you’re actually scared in the first place.

Without fear, courage wouldn’t be needed.

I spent most of my teens and twenties wishing that I wasn’t anxious, worried, nervous or scared; thinking that there was something wrong with me because I was.

Now I see that these were opportunities to step up and be courageous. Fear and anxiety was simply the ringing of the door bell; a call to answer the door.

So as unpleasant as the feelings of fear can be, remember that it’s also an opportunity; a call to action; a chance to be brave and see how strong you can be.

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