Happy 2018 – Day 279 – You are the Pilot

Yesterday, I wrote about learning to harness your auto-pilot and muscle memory, in order to ensure that your body and brain perform at their best, even when you are not fully present.

So today, I thought I’d stick with the flying theme with a quote from Michael Altshuler:

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”

While we can’t always control the length of the flight, or how much turbulence we hit along the way….we can set our own destination and head towards it; we can alter our course when bad weather blocks our path; and we can maintain a calm, peaceful attitude for the passengers on board.

And if time really does seem to be passing you by at lightning speed? Spend more time taking charge of your plane, in the present moment. The years will still undoubtedly fly by, but you’ll remember more clearly those moments you experienced in slow motion at the time.

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