Happy 2018 – Day 280 – Learn from your successes

Many people make excuses for their lack of success (and whatever success means to them personally), blaming this on a lack of resources. i.e. “I don’t have enough time/money/contacts/knowledge/skills.”

Who amongst us hasn’t said or at least thought this from time to time?! 

And of course, this might be true. Maybe you are missing some vital resources… but that doesn’t mean that things are impossible.

It just means that you have to find another way.

For these same people, if they think hard, they can come up with at least one situation in which they were indeed missing the vital resources, but still went after it and got the job done; they were successful.

But why was it that you were able to get that promotion at work, even though you had ‘no time’ to prepare, yet this is your number one excuse for not exercising?

The difference here is passion, want and need. You wanted the promotion and the accompanying benefits enough that you were willing to bend your lifestyle; to find another way; to make it happen. Your lack of time didn’t matter, because your energy, motivation and drive were overflowing.

Clearly, the promise of exercising doesn’t have the same pull; it’s just too much like hard work; it’s not worth it.

So what would it take for you to get as excited about exercising as you were about the promotion? What would you have to focus on? What pictures would you create in your mind? What feelings and emotions could you create to fuel your passion further? 

Maybe you were desperate for that promotion because you need the money or even hated your job – can you focus on the painful consequences of being unfit and unhealthy in order to recreate that desperation that drove you to succeed? Perhaps instead you were really excited by this different job role, feeling that you might find more fulfillment in your day to day tasks and duties. Can you find a way to really visualise the beneficial consequences of being fit and healthy – the clothes you’d fit into; the physical activities you’d be able to accomplish; the energy you’d have as opposed to your old, unfit self?  

If you can learn to look at your thoughts and behaviour from an objective distance, then you can see the why behind your goals. Examine those occasions when you were successful against all odds; get to the nitty gritty of why things did work on this occasion… then find a way to make things work again, in another situation.

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