Happy 2018 – Day 245 – Lessons from a dying man

‘When I Die: Lessons from the Death Zone’ is an 8-minute video on YouTube, in which we hear from Philip Gould, a former British political strategist, as he lives out the final weeks of his life.

I’ll warn you – it’s an emotional watch…. but it’s absolutely worth it.

It’s fascinating to hear the perspective of someone who knows that death is coming; someone who says that only when you’re really aware of your own death does life suddenly ‘scream at you with intensity.’

What’s really awe-inspiring is his realisation that his purpose is to give as much love to those around him as he can, regardless of whether he’s dying, and that through this, his life has actually ‘gained a quality and power that it had never had before.”

In the ‘Death Zone’, Philip finds courage, freedom and acceptance.

He also says that he’s had ‘more moments of happiness in the last five months than perhaps in the last few years.”

Take from this whatever it is that you wish to take. Or simply watch and enjoy Philips’ story as he speaks to us from the ‘Death Zone.’

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