Happy 2018 – Day 242 – Inspiring Pop Lyrics

You know by now that my ‘taste’ in music leaves a lot to be desired. Gone are the decades of music snobbery, when I would only listen to ‘real music and talent’; if a song makes either my hips or my lips move…then I’m sold. Talent is now just a happy bonus.

And it’s because my bar is now set so low, that I’ve come across some rather inspiring lyrics in amidst some appalling cheesy tunes (low expectations for the win!)

Songs lyrics are basically poetry right? Only whereas poetry speaks to the reader, lyrics sing to the listener.

An interesting line in a song can make it more memorable and enjoyable. And occasionally, you might even feel the smack of meaning in the last place where you expected to find it.


Here’s some of the Pop lyrics that sing to me:

1. “Life is a rollercoaster… Just gotta ride it,” from Ronan Keatings’, ‘Life is a Rollercoaster.’ I find myself singing this line whenever things don’t go my way.

2. I really couldn’t stand U2 or this song, until I looked at the lyrics. Now I adore a ton of their songs, but ‘One’ does stand out thanks to the powerful message of unity in the chorus. “We’re one, but we’re not the same…We get to carry each other.

3. When you see Kelly Clarkson on the list, you’d probably expect ‘Stronger,’ a song which definitely packs a punch. I have to opt for ‘Breakaway’ though, a song which I first heard in the bathtub, when I was twenty something living with my parents. I remember it so vividly because every line seemed directed at me; it summed up exactly how I felt at the time and what I wanted to do. It inspired me to, “Make a wish, take a chance, make a change and breakaway.

4. Mika’s ‘Grace Kelly’ is super catchy and it’s perfect for a sing-a-long when life’s getting you down and you feel like your you isn’t apparently good enough for someone else. As much as you try to change yourself, “I could be wholesome…I could be loathsome,” what you really should be asking is, “Why don’t you like me without making me try?”

5. Pink’s ‘God is a DJ’ is a great tune to dance to and you hardly need to be religious to enjoy the meaning of the chorus… “If God is a DJ, life is a dance floor, love is the rhythm, you are the music….”

Have I missed some corkers? Tell me in the comments below!

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