Happy 2018 – Happy 175 – Your body, the ‘Souped up’ Sports Car!

To balance out my recent fashion-based analogies, I thought I’d throw in a car-related one today, courtesy of Joe Rogan.

Joe tells us that the human body is like a car. We have the power to ‘soup it up’, transforming this ordinary car into a super-fast sports car, with a sexy, turbo engine.

Though my knowledge of cars is limited at best, I love the layers and imagery to this analogy. Just think about it…

Just to keep your car running, you need petrol; regular checks of tyre pressure, oil, water, lights; annual MOTs. If you want the car to look good outside, you need to wash it. If you want it to look good inside, you need to get the vacuum out now and then, and not use it as a dumping ground for McDonalds’ packets.

If your body is a car, are you doing what’s needed for basic maintenance? 

What kind of fuel are you putting in – leans and greens; or chocolate, booze and cigarettes?

Are you actually getting out on the roads? Or does your car sit, gathering rust, in the garage? 

Are you never off the road; living in the fast lane; risking a burn-out?

Does your car represented a proud owner? Does it look cared for? Or does it seem unloved and under-valued? 

Do you check your car regularly, ensuring that things are working as they should? Or do you only notice things aren’t working when you’re broken down on the motorway, waiting for the recovery truck to arrive? 

See how awesome this analogy is?!

And again – this is only basic maintenance.

As Joe says, you can actually modify and transform your car, into something infinitely faster, stronger, sleeker and better. 

What an incredible opportunity this is! Depending on what we choose to put into our bodies and minds; and what we choose to do with them; we have the chance to transform ourselves from a Morris Minor to a Dodge Viper. Or at least a ‘pimp my ride’ version of the Minor!

So today, just ask yourself: Is it time for a check? Are you using the most efficient fuel? Are you getting out enough? What could you do to go a little faster? 

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