Happy 2018 – Day 158 – Do the Worst First to ensure your free time is truly ‘free’

My mantra when i’m working, running errands, performing chores is:

“Do the Worst First.”

I have to forcibly repeat this to myself. Without it, I immediately fall back into my natural habit of doing the Worst Last. Or Tomorrow. Or not at all.

This results in feelings of guilt, self-defeat, anxiety and panic even (if a deadline approaches.) Even if I’ve worked for 12 hours straight, and I’m exhausted. If I’ve not spent my time on the stuff that really needed doing; or if I’ve procrastinated through jobs, while avoiding something which was maybe scary or awkward or uncomfortable or just a hassle – my inner self knows it.

These negative feelings wreak havoc on my supposed ‘free’ time.

Because no matter what I’m doing, eating, watching, seeing; my mind continues to remind me that I still have that thing to do; that I could have spent my time much more wisely; that my actions today might cause panic or stress further down the line.

Yes – it’s still technically free time. And yes – I can still enjoy it.

But it’s tainted.

Because it’s not really free, if you’re imprisoned by your own poor choices and the negative thoughts that follow.

Much better to ‘Do the Worst First’ and then your free time really will be free.


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