Happy 2018 – Day 122 – You can’t pour from an empty cup.

I happened across some pictures yesterday from my January spa adventure. I went with my good gal pal – it was our late Christmas present to each other for the second year running.

Post-thirty, we both realised that what we needed more than household objects, sweet treats and fleecy blankets, was some quality time together (while being massaged with hot stones into a state of Nirvana.) We’re both so busy that moments like these have become so rare over the years, but this only makes us treasure them more.

Looking back, I remembered us chatting, pre-hot tub, and my friend – who runs her own business and is one of the most hardworking people I know – turned to me and said,

“Jo – You can’t pour from an empty cup.” 

It’s been a common complaint of my close friends in the last month that they’re verging on burnout and just trying to do too much. They’re trying to be good mothers, good students, good workers, good housekeepers, while being fit and healthy of course. They’re overwhelmed and overburdened, feeling that they can’t stop moving in case they slip up or let someone down; always putting their own needs behind everyone else.

The thing is: burning yourself out like this isn’t useful to anyone, least of all those you’re caring for. Recently I was reminded that when disaster strikes, you put your Oxygen Mask on first. 

Sometimes, we just need some moments to ourselves. To recharge. To be selfish. To be silent. To be.


And as lovely as a Spa-trip might be, it isn’t necessary to run towards a hot tub every time you need a break. You might simply need an hour at the gym; a walk out on lunch; a hot bath; or a new hobby.

All that matters is that you’re giving back to yourself, rather than taking away.

Sometimes, we just need time to re-fill our cups.


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