Happy 2018 – Day 64 – Use the weather as an excuse to ‘Press Pause’

In the last week, the #beastfromtheeast has wreaked havoc across the UK, forcing many of us to stay inside. As problematic as the snow can be, and as many issues and concerns as it causes when you’re going out in it, it’s also magical.

This month, I persuaded a good bunch of friends to take part in my ‘Mindful March’ programme. Every week, I send out Mindfulness activities, which we all commit to trying through the week. As everyone seems to be increasingly ‘stressed’, I thought this might be just the antidote many of us needed to combat our own poisonous thoughts. We’re only a few days in, but it’s looking good so far!

Sometimes, a change of scenery is just what you need to regain a little curiosity into your surroundings. In this respect, the blizzard-like conditions have been a massive help – our scenery has changed around us!

The busier your life – and mind – are, the more necessary it is that you occasionally take the time to ‘press pause’ and enjoy the moment.

If you are experiencing weather like we’re having in the UK, then use this as the perfect excuse that it is to get out in it, and hit the pause button!

Get outside and listen to the snow fall… hear and feel it under your feet… look at the trees and landscape now covered in a beautiful blanket of whiteness; feel the softness when you lay your hand flat, compared to the texture and temperature when you roll it into a ball.

Just beware: If you’re experimenting with taste, avoid yellow patches!

Here’s some pics of me, playing with the cats in the garden. They were much faster than I was. But much fun was had!


Have you been enjoying the weather? Tell me in the comments below:

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