Happy 2018 – Day 27 – Your life’s purpose

7 years ago, after listening to an audio book by self-help supremo Tony Robbins, I was encouraged to write down my life’s purpose. This was the final activity after a series of activities – I’d already thought about what things I really wanted from life; what my core values were; what work I’d do for free, just for the love of doing it.

Here’s what I wrote: 


Just as Tony had suggested, I kept this writing nearby, and looked upon it every day – usually as part of my morning routine. As time went by, I looked at this less. More often than not, I’d go to these words as a source of comfort when feeling anxious. These words were a great reminder that my life’s purpose demanded that I get out of my comfort zone, and act as a role model to others – a reminder than my life’s purpose was more important than my life’s fear.

I rarely look at these words now, but the great thing is – I don’t need to. For the most part, I’m living them every day. These words are in my attitude as I approach each new day; in the way I behave towards new, and old, people in my life; in my resolve to find happiness in any given situation, no matter how bleak it may seem. They’re part of my big decisions, like my choice to leave my comfortable job in August and open up my own business. They’re part of my little decisions – every time I go to Jiu Jitsu, try an exotic new food, sit in silence rather than noise.

If you haven’t already done this, do it now! It took less than 20 minutes to come up with this personal mission statement. These words have provided me with direction when I felt lost and strength when I was afraid, in need of comfort. When I wanted to avoid anxiety-provoking situations, I looked at these words and reminded myself of why it was more important that I didn’t.

So often we plod through life without any thought to where we’re going or what we want out of it. We get distracted by money and promotions and material objects and holidays and the opinions of others… Remind yourself of who you are, and what your personal version of a good life is. Then go out and live it.

Have you tried this exercise? Was it a success? Did you struggle to put into words what you wanted, or felt like you made it too specific? Thoughts and ideas welcome:

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