Happy 2018 – Day 10 – A quote to help you cope

On day 10 of our new year, as the excitement of Christmas and New Year fade into the distance, replaced with growling stomachs, argumentative family-members and a to-do list that needs its own postcode, you might want to borrow my favourite motto.

I borrowed it from Susan Jeffers’ book, ‘Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway.’ It’s pretty 90s – pretty cheesy – but pretty awesome. I first listened to this as an audiobook on the way to school, on a day when I was getting rather worked up about an unpleasant meeting I needed to have.

Here goes:


So simple, I know. But these words have given me a lot of comfort over the past few years. When anxiety looms, and I begin to fret about things I have to do, imagining the worst-case scenarios ahead, I stop. I breath. And I tell myself, “I’ll handle it.”

My anxious-self is such a drama queen, and while I know this is ridiculous, she’s hard to ignore because she’s in my head. When I repeat this motto, even my tone of voice is different. It’s calm and confident. Like a whole other person, who happens to be super chill about everything and cool as hell. This person knows that no matter what happens, you’ll be fine. It’s just a rather slippery stepping stone as you cross life’s river. No matter what, you’ll be OK. It’s nothing to worry about. Even if it goes badly, tomorrow is another day.

Have you used this motto before? Do you have something even better you could share? Do you love Suze as much as I do? Comment below:


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