Destruction Gives Rise to Creation

A common theme in many of the fiction and non-fiction books I’ve read over past years has been the notion that destruction gives rise to inspiring change and creation.

This might mean divorce or leaving a job/career behind. It might mean moving on from a place, a friendship group, a set of activities, rituals and beliefs. It might mean resigning a single, but pervasive belief or thought.

Whatever it means for you, the point is that when we’re willing to completely let go over everything we know, we’re also free to rebuild from scratch;

something that doesn’t tend to happen when we make only partial changes, when things only change a little, when we fight to keep what we have because it’s familiar… even when it maybe isn’t working.

Like the difference between decorating a room in your house or knocking down a house and building anew. The latter is clearly much more traumatic, exhausting and requires a whole lot to mental/emotional energy… but you could end up with a brand new house that is better than you could even have imagined.

Of course, watching as your house is knocked down doesn’t necessarily feel good. In all honestly, the many, dramatic changes that we’ve gone through over the last four months have felt incredibly shitty. And that’s putting it mildly.

But I put a lot of faith in the belief that the most devastating of losses so often give birth to the most dramatic, long-lasting and sometimes inspiring of changes.

It’s just hard to see this, when your new house is still under construction.


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