A Mindful, Compassionate Response to Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus makes itself known around the world, it’s hard not to feel a sense of anxiety and impending doom; to avoid the headlines and accompanying fears that swallow our thoughts in those quiet moments of solitude.

But… as I remind myself daily, worrying will not help me here.

If ever there was a time for increased mindfulness and meditation, it’s now. To develop a response of noting thoughts as positive, negative and neutral, allowing them to pass by like clouds, rather than jumping head-first into them – these are the kind of skills we must call upon in this kind of situation.

And perhaps through the meditation or maybe just my commitment to always finding a different perspective, even in the worst times, I can’t help but think that there’s never been a better time to re-evaluate my priorities.

With talk of school closures and isolation, I’m feel a sudden shift in my priorities. Whereas I’m usually geared towards work and self-improvement, I find myself looking towards the basics of human survival – food, fresh air, toilet rolls, rent money – for me and those around me.

I’m also suddenly reminded of the great ‘we’ that humans are; that we’re all connected; that we need each other.

My immediate concerns surround my own family and loved ones, of course, but if I have any kind of intention at the minute, it’s to act with this in mind.


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