Last Christmas… I Gave you my Attention

It’s here – the season of overspending, overeating and overindulgence full stop.

Today, I just want to remind you that as nice as these things are, they’re not what really matters.

As one of the students I taught last week told me, Christmas is about love.

You could be forgiven by thinking that the only way to show and spread this love is by buying presents. But of course, it isn’t.

As I’ve said time and time again now, the best gift is the one of paying attention.

When you really listen to those around you; when you open your eyes, ears and heart to what they have to say; when you put your devices away…

This is how we show love.

So whatever you do over the next few days, whether you’re celebrating Christmas or not, just remember this:

Wherever you are, be there.

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