Earn Warrior Points!

What if you approached life like a computer game, gaining points every time you attempted something courageous?

It’s a simple idea, but a real #gamechanger. Pun intended.

As a life-long avoider, my goal has always been to escape or ignore these situations along with the feelings of discomfort that come with them.

But if my focus were on earning points – Warrior Points – maybe the discomfort wouldn’t be quite so off-putting.

In fact, maybe the anxiety that comes with taking on these situations would feel more like the excitement that comes with gaining points and achieving.

If you’re struggling to motivate yourself to do something that you’ve always regarded as unpleasant, then creating some kind of reward system (even one that’s based on an invisible points system) might just be the answer.

And if nothing else, it will keep you focused on what you gain from facing up to problem, rather than running away from them.

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