Happy 2018 – Day 360 – An Alternative ‘Boxing Day’ tradition

Today is ‘Boxing Day,’ which in Britain originates from a tradition whereby masters would give their servants the day off to visit their families, along with a box of food and gifts as a mark of thanks and good will.

That’s where it originates… but you wouldn’t know it today. Today it’s about hitting the sales for a day-long spree, emptying your pockets and buying a ton of stuff that you convince yourself you ‘need’, ignoring the fact that you have a wardrobe full of similar items, unworn and unloved.

You can see how much I love it right?!

Indeed I used to. Maybe it’s my age that makes me long for minimalism over materialism? Or perhaps it’s because I know that I really don’t need anything… because if I did, I’d have already had it delivered from Prime Now 2 hours ago.

So anyway – what I propose is a much cheaper and highly cathartic alternative to a shopping spree….

instead, enjoy a ‘Boxing Day’ clear-out for charity.

Get those Christmas records on (thank you Mr. G you record-obsessed loon), pour yourself a Sherry or a Mulled Wine, and take a look through your house at the things that haven’t been touched over the last year.

Be ruthless. Why share your space with clutter you’ll never even use? Why not give it to someone who’ll actually benefit? Choose a charity that you actually care about. Don’t just pick the one that has the car park right outside. (If you’re on the Sherry… leave the delivery job for tomorrow).

In this way, you’ll be taking a stand against consumerism and avoid filling your house full of crap you’ll hate by March. In fact, you’ll get rid of some! Win win.

Plus, you’ll be honoring the old tradition of ‘Boxing Day’ by giving to people who ‘need’ more than you do.

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